Terms & Conditions


Returns, Refunds, Claims

Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns on soap. Soap is one of those things that is kinda-really icky after it’s been opened up and tried out. If your mail delivery person tends to mangle your packages, we *highly* recommend going with Priority Mail for the insurance coverage. (We do our best to package your orders to survive the mailpocalypse, but sometimes we’d swear they were playing dodge ball with the mail for fun some days.)

If you order a custom printed item and receive the wrong item, contact us and we’ll contact the printer to start the process to make it right. (We are limited to their return rules; however, they are usually pretty good eggs about it.)

If your order arrives damaged or missing items, you will need to file a claim with USPS. If your order is missing items, please email us. We will check records and send any items our records indicate were missing. (We’re a bit fanatical about keeping shipping and inventory records, right down to the weight and time of every package we ship.) If we find we shipped all items, you will need to file a claim with the USPS for mail theft. 


Use, Care & Precautions for Soap


Once purchased, all of our soaps should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight until use. (A drawer, or cabinet work just fine!) After every use your soap should be placed on a free-draining soap dish clear of standing water, to allow it to dry out between each use. Soap that stays wet gets soft and gooey, and this causes your soaps to be used up faster. Dry soap is happy soap!

Whenever possible, natural and mineral colors are used. Although highly unlikely, it is possible that these may cause staining of pale fabrics. Charcoal is a notorious example of this, but it usually washes clean. Test each new soap before use, and we recommend using hands instead of wash cloths if you’re concerned about discoloration.

The soap is for external use only. WE MEAN THAT. Soap is not meant to go on mucous membranes or inside bodies. Should any irritation occur, stop use immediately.

As with all new products, we recommend that you check on a small area of skin before using our soaps all over. Some essential oils contain potential allergens that may cause adverse reactions in some individuals, and the same goes for some oils. We list ALL of our ingredients for this reason, even if the US does not require it. If you or the person you’re giving soap to has a known sensitivity to an ingredient or allergen, it is your responsibility to check the ingredients list of the product prior to purchase. By purchasing soap from us, you agree to release The Tabula Rasa Farm from any and all liability should anything go wonky or cause problems, or damage anything.

We make every effort to accurately describe our products on the website. However, the photographic image is only a general representation of each product. All items are hand made in small batches and, as such, there may be variations between individual soaps and soap batches in terms of color, pattern, scent, and texture. None of which will affect product quality. The swirl patterns inside and on the edges of soaps will vary within one soap batch due to the nature of the swirl itself and the behavior of the soap batter at time of pouring. The Tabula Rasa Farm reserves the right to make a change to a design as needed to maintain soap quality.