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Please keep making Andromeda Strain

I am obsessed with the Andromeda Strain scent. I ordered a couple on a whim and immediately bought out the remaining bars once it got here. It smells amazing. Masculine but still delicate. And the colors are so cute. Please make more!!

absoluty soothing.

these are so nice it's truly a shame to clasify them as soap. Skin treatments? naa. skin soothers? naa. Artwash? cleansart? Bathing is soothing and pleasant with these purchases. Thanks!

Perfection-Just Breathe

Love every single soap I have purchased from here. This one is now in top 3 favorites. I added it quietly to the shower soap dish and as it dwindled down the man asked me to get a replacement because he likes this one too. Success!

These bars last a long time. Worth every penny.

Loved the Mystery Ends Sampler

Saw an ad for the mystery ends sampler and decided to give it a shot. (Always looking for new soap to try) Shipping was very fast. I received Just Breathe, Black Amber Lavender, Love Charm, and a mystery brown one that I can't identify. Being a guy Love Charm wasn't really in my wheel house, but the other 3 were fantastic. Only downside I would say is not knowing what my samples were and having to guess using pictures and scent profiles from the website. Other than that, absolutely loved the soaps.

Love all the scents that I bought. Gave a couple away as gifts. The ones that I have used makes my dry skin feel silky smooth. They are a little expensive to buy frequently.
Thank you

So Festive!

These soaps are so pretty. Great for gift giving or for yourself. Creamy & long lasting, as always.

Tabula Rasa Soap

I love the covovado soap! I sentvit out as gifts and everyone loved it! The lather is fabulous and the scents are divine. This is the only soap I use since I tried it, and I love sharing it with others!

So fun

I loved the sampler! It was such a neat way to sample the scents. They were lovely!

I love a good mystery!

And this qualified. I mean, I may have known I'd end up with soap samples, but that was the end of my specific knowledge. So, I was quite pleased with the selections *and* how well these soaps lathered up. Great product and a great service!

Husband Approved for Dry Hands

My husband gets dryness in his hands during the winter months. He remarked today how he has noticed improvement since using this soap. It smells great and is awesome on rough hands!

A cure and a surprise wrapped up in one solution

I like fancy soaps as much as the next person but I can spend HOURS agonizing over exactly which soaps to try, and deciding whether I should really just buy more to get to free shipping. Soap of the Month solves that entirely -- a cool new surprise soap (plus samples!) on my doorstep each month, the satisfaction of supporting an artisan, and no more purchase indecision!

Great as a present

Always great quality and makes fabulous presents.


Got this one for my niece and she loves it!

I'm Switching to this bar soap for EVERYTHING

I recently went on a trip and forgot to pack my shampoo and conditioner. (I would never ever forget to bring this soap). In a pinch, I used the soap as shampoo and LOVED IT! Then, that night I read an article about how hippies like me are switching to bar-soap for everything. I've always used this soap for shampooing my dog, but I didn't think of using it for other cleaning. Now, I'm researching ways to use bar soap (this bar soap) for everyday house-cleaning jobs. I love this soap!

Basic Witch Handcrafted Soap
Shawna Massengill
So pretty!

Both the smell and the look of this soap is amazing. I bought it as a gift for a friend but it was really hard to let it go.


I am very happy with this little treat. Several small bits of yummy smelling soap to use in different rooms in my house.

Perfect, as always

If you've read any reviews at all here, you already know how much we all love The Tabula Rasa Farm. Delighted by the "Second Soap Adoption Center" and the opportunity it provides beyond the regular soap listings. Excellent product, amazing maker. Hope to be ordering from TBR for decades to come.

Tabula Rasa Farm

when I was little my Grandmother has a book mark made oe Sandalwood. I loved to go in and sit on her patchwook quilt and smeel its glorious scent.Now as an adult I have searched for that smell, everyone of the sandalwood scents i have found just dont seem right . Maybe the add other notes to it or something , but i could never find that exact smell of the real Sandalwood. Abby has nailed this smell to perfection in her soap. This is why i return time and again to buy her soap. She stives to get that scent "just right!" Pease check out her website and give it a try!! she also carries many other things that are drool worthy!!

The Soap of the Month Box
Amanda Brumbelow
Just amazing

I am a sucker for handmade soap and subscription boxes. I really only use bar soap in my guest bathroom (until now). I went into this experience thinking that I would have a surplus of soaps and I can gift them over the holidays...but I don't have any extra soap and I love every bar that I have received. My hands are always so soft now and the smell! Every bar of soap is divine! Definitely worth the price and you'll be supporting a small business who seriously makes the best soap around.

Loved them!

I received 4 samples...loved them all, and almost too pretty to use! Will definitely order again


Was delighted to get to snag a couple of these 'test' bars of one of my favorite fragrances at a discount. Absolutely as good as the regular bars and although not the color ultimately chosen for the regular run, equally beautiful.

FREE Mystery Ends Sampler

I'd missed out the first time these were offered, so jumped at this second offering. Timely shipping as always and arrived in perfect condition along with the regular bar I'd ordered. Delighted with all four fragrances and with the generous size of them. Just hopped out of the shower after trying the first one--nearly 100% certain it's Neroli and Patchouli--and am head over heels with the scent. Will definitely be adding another set to my next order if they're still available.

The FREE Mystery Ends Sampler
Diamantopoulos Dawn

The FREE Mystery Ends Sampler

Smells Heavenly

I love love love the colors in this soap but even more so, the scent is absolutely divine. It smells so fresh and feminine—it’s my favorite soap so far!

Just Breathe Handcrafted Soap

I absolutely love this soap. This is the perfect scent to open up my pores and nasal passage! This is my favorite... so far. I