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Dune Sunflower Handcrafted Soap

So healing!

This soap makes my skin feel perfect, and is winning the fight against seasonal break outs.

Neroli & Patchouli Handcrafted Soap

A custom order - perfect!

I ordered these bars as a custom batch, to be gifts for my family and friends at my wedding, and I'm thrilled with how they turned out! The color is wonderful, and I get the full scent of lilacs without any cloying. Tabula Rasa soap leaves my skin clean and refreshed.

I'm always happy with soaps from The Tabula Rasa Farm, and these are absolutely something truly special.

Awesome Soaps!

I purchased Chocolate Truffle Handcrafted Soap for my best friend and it smelled so good I almost didn’t give it to her. I did anyway and she loved it. She said she had to resist eating it as it smelled so good! I have the other two soaps I ordered and love their scents as well. I’m looking forward to using them!

So soft and smells amazing

The description of the smells of the four soaps I bought were all spot on. Additionally I find the soap rinses off very well and is not drying nor does it irritate my very sensitive skin, such a treat to use! Also a fantastic gift to give.

I love this scent

It's definitely a favorite. It evokes strong nostalgia feelings. The soap base is lovely, too.

Spa Day Perfection!

I've been wanting to try this soap out for a while now, so when I got my stimulus check I decided to go for it. SO WORTH THE WAIT. This soap is seriously silky, with just the right amount of scent. It rinses nice and clean, and doesn't dry my skin out. The scent that remains is light and subtle, and it's wonderful. This is like going to the spa level soap. Definitely recommend. 😀

Beautiful and Gorgeously Fragrant Soaps

These are beautiful soaps, soft and sudsy! Love them! They also make the bathroom pleasingly fragrant.


Bought my favorite and was happy as can be.


This soap is so luxurious! Makes me feel very pampered. The scent is perfect! One of my favorite!


This bar smells so wonderful and leaves my skin so soft it's amazing! I'll be buying more soon as it's even caught my husband's attention lol

Grapefruit & Bergamot!!! The rough part is fine so it gets the job done without tearing your skin apart. Your skin feels fresh after the scrub. The scent!? It is a lovely combination. Probably my favorite. So grateful I found The Tabula Rasa Farm.

It looks lovely

But I can't try it myself cos it's going into a box to my kid in Australia.
Which should show how highly I rate it, to give it space in the first $100+ fixed rate box I've sent in over a year.
(Packing it now for a Post Office visit when all my immunities are kicked in after my second shot.)
It smells perfect and looks gorgeous, and I confess I am tempted.
But it is exactly the kind of soap I expect to make a big hit, and I owe Christmas and a birthday, and this is definitely an appropriate goodie.
Next order, though, is for me.

Great scrubby bar

This is a great bar. My skin feels so much softer and smooth. Smells great too

Smells so good!

I bought a bar of this with a variety when I first ordered soaps from Tabula Rasa. When my mom and I went through and were sniffing them, this one stood out to both of us. I ordered a second one shortly after so we could both have one to use. It is a delightfully rich scent that is traditionally "masculine" and is quite comforting.

5 stars

The beach house soap is great! I love every soap I have received from The Tabula Rasa Farm! The Cococado base that she uses is great for my sensitive skin. The lilac is my favorite one I have tried so far! I now that I end up trying them all!

smells AMAZING

I'm sorry but that's all I know so far. I sent the soap to my sister and that was her response on opening the package. I can't wait to try it for myself. Shipping was fast and the bars look and smell fantastic.

Best Incense Ever

This warmly scented incense never triggers my allergies! It has a slow low smoke burn with a minimum of ash. I highly recommend you try it for yourself!

Love these soaps

Just can't get enough of these soaps. I will definitely be buying more

Incredible and long lasting scent

This really is honeysuckle and patchouli. It's bringing me right back to childhood summers, being outside in the country next to a honeysuckle hedge while my parent mows the yard. I love this.

Grapefruit & Bergamot Handcrafted Soap


I've only had the opportunity to use - and enjoy - the Lavender Dream hand-dipped incense so far, and it's been wonderful! I look forward to using the Oakmoss/Amber incense sometime in the future, as well as the bonus charcoal incense. All were beautifully packaged and speedily delivered. Now I need to find an incense holder worthy of these fragrant sticks for whenever company is permitted in our home. Until vaccines and herd immunity are dominant though, I'll enjoy the calming scent of lavender all to myself, thank you.
These would make a gift that any friend, neighbor, or someone who has gone out of their way for you, would truly appreciate. Handy to have on hand for just that perfect way to say "thanks!".
Everything Abby touches highlights her dedication toward quality and customer satisfaction. xoxo

A Favorite

Son Drew got Dragons blood soap plus two others as a present. He loves it.


As always the soap is top notch and well worth the cost . I will continue to buy my soap from the tabula rasa farm !!!!!