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Fantastic soap

I love how rich and long-lasting this soap is. And the scent is divine!

Andromeda Handcrafted Soap
Laura Williams-Burke
Cannot get enough

My skin is super sensitive, so coming of age in the 90s meant a lot of irritation from Bath & Body Works products. I loved the scents but the body wash, etc left me with rash, itching, and discomfort. Now I’m older and have a more refined nose for scent and that’s all the better for these incredible soaps. I’m delighted to have found products that are works of art that I can enjoy daily. Each bar is visually appealing, the scents are to die for (complex and approachable) and my skin feels healthy, smooth and soft. So far Andromeda, Lucid Dreams, and Rosa Evelyn are my favorites but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the varieties.

One thing I’ve noticed with many soaps that make earth-friendly, natural claims is that they don’t give a satisfying amount of lather. That’s not the case here— they suds up beautifully and rinse cleanly. I’m so happy with my purchases, especially the ones I’ve given as gifts as loved ones are pleased with them, too!


This soap smells heavenly!! Keeps my skin nice and soft. I will buy more.

Basic Witch Handcrafted Soap
Shannon Stockdale-Elftman

I bought these for my guest bathroom but honestly I'm keeping them for my main bath because they are so lovely.

Great Soap

I ordered these for gifts, so have not tried them. Thanks. B

Affordable Luxury

Every months I look forward to getting a fresh bar of this wonderful handcrafted soap. It is gentle even restorative to your skin with a soothing fragrance. The artistic flair of each unique bar of this soap also adds to the room’s decor.

I gave them as gifts. No comments yet.

Beach House is a must buy!

Leaves your skin feeling so clean. The aroma! Love it! Will definitely be ordering this one again for myself and gifts!

Stunning soap!

This soap smells and feels amazing. Gentle enough for my face and body, leaves me feeling clean and refreshed. Lasted a LONG time, too.

Great Soap

Thank you for a timely delivery. I'm enjoying my soap and love the feel of my skin after a shower. God bless you!

So pretty and smells so good!

Cracked this one open today, and the photos don’t do it justice! It’s sparkly and smells soooo good! I’ve ordered the scrubby bars before and enjoyed them, this is my first cococado bar and I LOVE IT! I have sensitive skin, too, and so far so good!

Exciting to see what will show up next!

I very much enjoy this subscription. Each one has been unique and all have been interesting and enjoyed!

Can't Use Anything Else!

It has a great lather and leaves my face feeling clean without feeling too dry or greasy. I can't use anything else because I can't find anything with the lather this has that doesn't leave my face feeling too dry and if it's a cream it's too heavy and greasy. Been using this a long time now and I LOVE the condition my skin is in.

Great Scent!

I look forward to the End Of The Year soap every year. It's the same scent I know and love and the bar looks like a party complete with confetti 🙂 Leaves my skin feeling soft & smooth with no residue or a drying feeling. I like the longer narrow shape too. Fits perfectly in my hand or in my loofah sack.

Amazing soap, leaves my skin soft moisturized and rejuvenated.

Lynne's Soaps
Lynne Blaisdell
Special Orders Are Just That Special

I work in Rewards and Recognition. For January our theme was New Year New You focused on self-care. So OF COURSE I have to use The Tabula Rasa. I gave Abby the hex code for the color of pink we needed the types of soap we wanted and to make sure that everyone could use it, it had to be unscented. ABBY did a wonderful job. The soaps came in a timely manner, they look fantastic and smell as clean as they look. We did two soaps the scrubby bar and the Cocoacado Soap. Use this soap every time I shower and love the super clean no the squeaky clean feeling of the soap with no residue. And we have semi-hard water. We are already getting rave reviews of the soap and giving out the website address left and right. This soap is always a winner!

Absolutely lovely!

It smells just like the lilacs in mom's garden!

Rave Review: Honeysuckle & Patchouli Handcrafted Soap

My wife wanted try Honeysuckle & Patchouli. She has since used it to bathe and to scent the bathroom such that I feel like I'm in an exotic place when I enter. It's wonderful! I'm sure it's gonna be a smash hit. Thank you, Abby!

If you love your skin

The soap maker always says "tested on a wide variety of skin types" but what she really means is that even if you think your skin is fine and you have no issues, this make your skin feel like a baby's behind. Really. Super hydrating while gently exfoliating and unpleasantness. And it smells delightful. We are never buying soap from anyone ever again.

Beach soap

This is a delightful soap that reminds you of a lovely summer day at the beach with a bonfire and a pleasant drink in your hand. I highly recommend purchasing this bar in advance of any winter cold fronts to remind yourself that SUMMER WILL COME AGAIN.

Yummy soap

If soap were recommended for oral consumption, I would most definitely start here. It smells of all the best parts of spring and fall and all the nostalgia that comes with it.

Great as a present

This is one of our seasonal favorites. Also great as gifts to fluff up a present.

Best soap ever

My husband has very sensitive skin. This soap has changed our lives and has helped him to live more comfortably.

Lovely soap!

As always, these soaps are worth the price. The scents are lush and lovely and the soaps last a long time!

Loved this soap

I absolutely love this soap. Extremely fragrant and had a wonderful lather. This is my first purchase but it definitely isn't the last