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This soap has a wonderful scent — very appropriate for the season. The crescent moon glows in the dark! I bought a bunch of these for gifts after discovering how nice it is.

Subtle and refreshing

Just how I prefer my scents -- and reminiscent of how I enter the day -- this soap reveals itself slowly. With each mindful inhale, the layers of fragrance reveal themselves. A delight!

An absolute favorite!

The facial soap is high on my favorites list! It feels so nice, gets all the dirt road life off my face and makes me want to take those few minutes for myself!

Simply Amazing Soap

A must have for your facial regimen!
Absolutely the best soap I have ever used.
My skin became much softer & smoother after the first used.
I am amazed!!

Love this soap!

Honestly I'm very bad at reviews, but this is great soap and you should buy some.


This is amazing soap, smells wonderful, really glad I purchased!

Gorgeous creamy lather!

LOVE these soaps! Even in hard desert water the lather is absolutely decadent. And the fragrance has been the perfect summer treat!

Scrubby, but no drying

I keep this bar at the laundry room sink where I wash my hands multiple times a day. The scrubbing aspect is excellent at removing paint, soil, glue, and other dirt that I often find on my hands. Unlike other scrubbing soaps, Lava for example, my hands do not end up dry after multiple uses. An extremely useful attribute given how often I wash my hands. Highly recommend!

Love it!!

My favorite soap is the “FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH”. It’s great on the hands and is like an air freshener in the bathroom. I was worried it might be a little too biblical 😂 but it has quite the pleasant aroma. Highly recommend!

It's the soap! Definitely the soap!

I'm 57 years old and NOBODY believes my age. I attribute this to a combination of good genes and Tabula Rasa's facial soap!

There are days in the summer (I live in Memphis, it's muggy) when I don't even need moisturizer after cleansing with this soap. It's that non-drying. And in the winter when my skin used to be so dry and tight I was resorting to using Vaseline for relief, I don't have to do that anymore.

If I could give this 11 stars I would! 😉

The BEST soap base and AMAZING scents!

I have very sensitive skin and it thrives using these soaps! I can't stress how wonderful it is to have something that does cause eczema flares and breakouts. Then on top of that there are fantastic scents that have great depth and none of that chemical/cleaning product thing so many scented things have.

Wonderful smell!

I bought 4 soaps, and this one is my favorite. I don't like musky, patchouli smells, so this was divine. I bought the library scent since I'm a librarian, but gave it to my friend because it didn't smell like the library to me and was masculine smelling. 80% of librarians are women. My friend loved it!

Dreamy combo that delights the senses

Whenever I unwrap a bar of Tabula Rasa Farm soap that I haven’t tried before, I typically think “this might be my new favorite!” Beach House just might be the best of them all. The gorgeous swirling blue color, the uplifting scent, plus add in the lightly exfoliating “sand” portion of the bar— they combine to create a cleansing treat for the nose, skin, and the whole body.

Pure Soapy Magic

I love these soaps so much! I have previously gifted them, to rave reviews. The lather is like running your hand over a brand new velvety soft blanket. It's mesmerizing! I'll find myself just lathering up the bar after I'm done washing just to keep feeling it! When I get out of the shower, my skin is soft and supple. 10/10, 5 stars, will continue to recommend!

Beautifully mild citrus soap

Cranberry and orange swirls are gorgeous to look at and even better to sniff. The scent isn't overpowering, which works great in our small house. All in all, a delightful soap.

My Dream Scent

I love fall and October so much, and when I saw this soap I knew instantly I wanted it. I'm always concerned that autumn scented body products will be overly cinnamon or clove based, because while they are lovely scents, they are usually dominating.

This bar of soap truly brought me joy. It is subtle but long-lasting. It smells like walking through a slightly dusty, cozy small-town craft store with a cup of hot mulled cider in your hands and the cool fall air stuck to your clothes. The Shea base feels a bit like I'm washing my hands with a combination soap and lotion.

If you're a fall lover, it would be a disservice to yourself to skip over this one.

My Childhood In A Bar Of Soap

I cannot begin to explain how comforting and lovely this scent is. It truly reminds me of the children and teen's fiction sections I spent so much time in growing up. I plan on gifting this soap to every book lover I love for the winter holidays. If pressed for a description, I would describe the way the dust dancing through the frosted-window sunbeams might smell on a cozy afternoon in your favorite aisle of your local small-town library. It smells the way it felt, ages ago, to get the book's checkout card stamped by your favorite librarian.

It is also beautiful, and the Cococado soap feels absolutely lovely on my hands. If you know anybody that has always loved libraries, they will love this soap.


This smells like the very best incense. It's very strongly scented, but not in an overwhelming way. The scent lingers on skin in an incredibly pleasant way. If you love the smell of Nag Champa, you really should get this soap.

Delicious Smelling Soap

I love the scent of green apple, but sometimes it can be overpowering. In this soap, it's not. Perhaps because it's tempered by sage, the fragrance is balanced--not too subtle, not too strong.

The soap itself is marvelously sudsy, lasts a long time, and doesn't dry out your skin.

Summer Perfection

The quality of TBR's unique soap formulation is reason enough to buy them. Long lasting and generously sized bars that produce rich lather and serious skin-smoothing moisturizing. But the real fun is discovering the amazing fragrances. TBR goes a step beyond the expected and puts together scents with just that extra layer of complexity to elevate them to the next level. Dune Sunflower is no exception. Warm, rich undertones with a light and airy floral top note. It perfectly captures that point in spring when the wind starts to carry a hint of summer's warmth with it.

A pleasing and surprising take on 'leather'

I suspect most of us typically think of 'leather' as being very warm, heavy and perhaps even having a certain pungency. And while there's an underlaying hint of warmth in Hard Ride's fragrance profile, the overall impression is actually a very clean, fresh scent. Less the sweaty cowboy the name could be taken as implying and more the millionaire equestrian with a tackroom so clean you'd comfortably serve brunch to your BFF's there after your morning ride. Marked discontinued, but definitely not one to miss!

So frgrantly Halloween, so pretty

It's not overpowering, but it smells like autumn.

Another Great One!

Another phenomenally well balanced fragrance mix with just enough patchouli to give a bit of added depth to the neroli. The gold dust on top lends a touch a touch of elegance, especially nice if one is looking for a relatively neutral color for gift giving that still has a bit of pizazz. As always, the soap itself is luxurious, long lasting, and skin smoothing.

Looks so beautiful, smells so good!

I always look forward to buying and receiving Tubula Rasa Farm soaps. They are uniquely artistic, last a long time, and even make my cabinets smell fantastic while I store them.

Amazing soap

Love it so much! Best one I found so far 💕