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The fragrances are lovely

I love the texture and feel of this soap. There are few nicely fragranced bars on the market that don't leave my skin feeling stripped of all moisture, but these are perfect for my dry skin. Most products marketed for dry skin have no fragrance, so this is a welcome change. The fragrances are lovely and complex, and linger faintly all day. I also appreciate the creativity that goes into presentation. The perfect bar soap.


I love getting the monthly surprises. The soap is always great with well balanced fragrances. You never know what other small surprises maybe added.
Never fails to make my day better.


we are loyalists to your soap. I've gifted it to most of my friends. We've tried almost all your scents. My husband made a point today of carrying the Bergamot/Grapefruit out of the shower to me three rooms away to say "THIS ONE IS THE BEST EVER!" So I ordered 5 more. Thank you!

Wonderful soap with amazing scents....

Smells amazing

I had Succulent Garden soap sitting out on our kitchen counter while I figured out where it should go. My husband inquired about that awesome smell so, it became shower soap for us.

Thank you

The products were absolutely perfect - the smells divine, everything I could of asked for. Will be buying again. <3

Beautiful colors & Smooth handling

I had a bit of a mess going from skein to ball, but otherwise I LOVE IT!

The best for KP skin!!

BSSB is my favorite of all the TRF soaps! It's super scrubby without being painful, and it makes it so I have to moisturize my skin less. I have terrible keratosis pilaris, which means I have nasty little bumps all over me. Short of a chemical peel, this is the best productive ever found to help cut down on the bumps!

Wonderful as usual

Incense was carefully packed and arrived perfectly intact. I particularly appreciate the two bonus sticks of Dragon Blood that were provided. I'll definitely be purchasing that one the next time around.

Tabula Rasa Farm

I'm really pleased with the quality of this soap! I love the grapefruit bergamot mix is smell's so yummy . Perfect way to start a day! The Peppermint eucalyptus smells super nice also but i haven't used it yet, But will as soon as im done with my grapefruit/ bergamot

Falling back in love with Incense

I've never used charcoal incense sticks, only wood punks in the past. These are great! Especially now that I'm working from home for at least another 4 or 5 months, I love having one of these burning in my office. It's a little pleasure that's well worth it.

The Best Incense!

I love these so much. Full of rich fragrance. I ordered extra for gifts! They make great stocking stuffers. The scent carries well and they have a good burn time. Looking forward to buying more in a different scent for the spring.


The ordering process was easy-breezy and the soaps are so fabulous. Put one in every bathroom at my house. Will DEFINITELY be ordering again.

Lavender Handcrafted Soap

My whole bathroom smells delicious!!

I love love love the scent and feel of this soap...Tabula Rasa has never disappointed with their non-drying, beautifully crafted luxury soaps!! I was going to give two away but I'm not sure I want to!!

Nag Champa Soap ++++

The soap and incense all smell amazing.

This soap is amazing!

This soap both looks and smells amazing. It's so luxurious! My kids are jealous of it, so I guess I'll have to order some more so they don't make off with it!

Lovely Soaps

Thank you for the perfect stocking gift!

Beautiful Product

The soaps I ordered were beautifully packaged (to preserve scent as well) smelled like heaven and were lovely to use.

Pure, amazing, clean soap

Purchased two bars of this soap for guests in my home. They’re incredibly pleased, and I will order more for my next guests! The way my skin feels after using it makes it well worth the price, which is definitely more than reasonable. 10/10 recommend and will purchase again.

Grapefruit & Bergamot Handcrafted Soap

Hand-Dipped Incense

Another fine writing instrument!

This is my second pen from Tabula Rasa, and my first roller ball. Its grand appearance is surpassed only by how it feels in the hand -- perfect heft and superb handling!


Definitely my signature scent. I love it so much.

Great Service and great product

so glad I found Tabula Rasa