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Magnificent pen

This pen is quite spectacular. It is very easy to fill and writes well on the different papers I tried. Both a refillable cartridge and a travel-ready one were included. The pen is a nice weight, and I like that you can screw the cap on so you don't lose it. This will become my day-to-day pen. You really can't appreciate the gorgeous pen body without seeing it in person. I am very glad that I got it and look forward to doing a lot of writing with it.

Super Pretty Pen!

This pen is pretty, writes well, and is worth every penny. Great craftsmanship!

The Perfect Gift

I bought this for my pen-obsessed daughter to commemorate her return to college. She loves the balance, the smoothness, and the gorgeous color combination. The Tabula Rasa Farm gets an A+!


I ordered soap for a friend's birthday. She's most pleased and appreciated the birthday note that was included in the package. Thank you very much.


The pen is beautiful, fits well in my hand, writes smoothly. The fidget ring is perfect for me!

Fidget Pen in Emerald Patina & Gold

This pen is straight up *amazing*.

It's a work of art, first of all, so it's aesthetically just gorgeous; the colorway on the resin has great sparkle and the colors meld and flow together so beautifully, and the gunmetal makes the colors really pop. But it's also functional; the ink glide is smooth, the pen has a good heft (not too heavy) with a nice smooth surface that doesn't feel like you're gripping something that's going to pop out of your grip.

This is my current go-to pen for everything! I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for new offerings 🙂

Light sweet scent

Okay, this is kind of weird, but my favorite thing about this soap is that my bathroom has taken on the light, sweet scent of this soap-- not in an overpowering way, but pleasant and mild. I also like how it doesn't dry out my skin. One note is that I first kept it on the shower head hanger, which continues to drip for a couple minutes post-shower, and it would leave an brown/orange-ish streak as the water dripped onto the soap and then the floor, but I just moved the bar away from the drips and problem solved.

Love My Pen!

Where do I start? It’s beautiful! It’s sparkly! It writes smoothly and feels good in my hand! It you want a beautiful pen that is not a mass produced, everyone has one pen, these pens are for you! You also get to help an awesome woman, her family, and her farm! Great karma comes with this pen! Go get one! NOW! 😊

Hancock in pastel opal and antique brass fountain pen.

Beautiful craftsmanship. The pen has lovely weight, and is perfect for when my arthritis acts up. I am very much looking forward to using this pen for the rest of my life.


I have not actually unwrapped it yet. Bad me. It came with a little sample of another one! Which did mean I had to let both of them air out a bit, as the sample was more heavily scented, but since it's the spouse who has issues with perfumed soaps and such, not me, that's not a negative. I am looking forward to it!

The Happy Skin Subscription

Wonderful soaps

Smells great. Fantastic lather.

Spring Rain

Absolutely magical scent and subtle enough to be great for all day.

I love this

I love this soap the Just Jasmine is my favorite. I also have the Wisteria and Rose Gold these bars last a long time and look so pretty in my soap dish the bars are so creamy feeling and feel great when you are using them Thank you.Abby

Smells amazing, leaves skin soft

I love this soap. I love all the scents, but this one brings me right into summer.

Breathing now

This soap smells wonderful! Lathers great and leaves my skin soft.

The scent is lovely but the colors are the best part

My favorite color progression in soap form. I love this one so much! The fragrance is soft and spring-like, too.

Love it!

Smells amazing! Soft and sweet!

Excellent craftsmanship

This pen is simply stunning. Has the weight of pen costing twice the price and is very easy to use feeling very nice in the hand. I highly recommend this piece of art to anyone looking for a beautiful pen!

Absolutely Gorgeous!

I am a Color Junkie. Having such a well-crafted, beautiful, colorful pen to write with is a treat!

Great lather

I am loving my new soap. It lathers so nicely without drying out the skin. Definitely will be buying again! I am giving it 5
Stars but one star isn’t right

Excellent quality and long lasting

We love these soaps and have them next to every sink in the house. They last a long time despite all of using using several times a day. Leaves our hands clean but soft. Fragrance is subtle and not overly artificial. Loves the suprised of the soap of the month club too.

Gentle, luscious fragrance

I love the soft scent of this soap, which is lovely in the shower but doesn't linger on my skin in a way that carries a perfume smell with me all day. I can be sensitive to scented bath products, but this has a beautiful subtlety that is perfect for me.

Smells Heavenly

Absolutely love the smell of this soap. I have only had it a few days but it is my go to soap to wash my hands several times a day. Very moisturizing!