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Don't garden without it!

Scrubs wonderfully. Even removes the green from messing with tomato plants.
It's a must have on the homestead.

These soaps are FABULOUS!

I'm currently using the Cucumber Garden soap right now, and have Lemon Drop waiting in the wings. Previously I've got the Thirst Trap and Andromeda soaps as gifts. They have converted me to a bar soap user once again because they lather up great, leave my skin feeling clean (no residues!) and smell awesome too boot! (Plus Andromeda glows in the dark!). I just wish I went through them faster (they LAST!) so I could order more. 🙂

Gorgeous fragrance on this one

I have never gotten a soap I didn't like from here which is pretty amazing since I usually don't like floral scents. None I have gotten bug my nose and this is no exception! Skin loves these soaps too, no irritation or anything!

Happy Handcrafted Soap
Christine Borg
happy with happy!

My order of Happy arrived ! I adore this soap and i had run out! Abbys web site said it was on back order. But she filled this order more promptly than I expected. If you enjoy the old fashion Sandalwood true scent this bar is for you! I'm 65 and have loved this scent since high school when i found a small fan made from actual sandalwood. I have looked for this scent since then and this is the first time, I have truly found it ! Abby is a chemical genius when it comes to fragrance! I had also added a new bar of her new lemon scent. Now I am not a fan of commercial uses of lemon. But my faith in Abbys genius led me to order. She did not disappoint! its light and airy, not in your face. it is a beautiful fragrence.


I love how rich and luxurious this soap is.

Soap adoption is a GREAT idea!

You might expect tiny samplers at this price point. But these are not samples, or remnants. I mean, sure, I selected test batch items. But they are full-size bars of quality, handmade soap. And they arrive quickly in the same great packaging as the standard offerings. What a great way to sample other wares from my fave soaper!

Seriously scrubby!

I am enjoying this bar a lot. The scrub is VERY assertive—in a good way. My skin feels very smooth after a shower and is excellently prepared for lotion. That said, I don’t plan on using this bar every day, as I think it could irritate my skin. Which just means I will need to dig into another TRF bar—oh no!

Spa Birthday Gift Basket

For my partner's birthday, I picked up an assortment of these handcrafted soaps for her as part of a spa themed birthday basket. These soaps are amazing and smell as decadent as their names imply. I have some pretty severe allergies, so buying anything for her that is scented but also doesn't make my head explode is a challenge. Thankfully, the bars we get from Tabula Rasa Farm have never been a problem. We look forward to getting many more in the future. Treat yourself, and grab one or three. \m/

Scrubby Bars Are Amazeballs!

A friend got me hooked on all of Abby’s soaps, and I finally ran out and needed to restock. I LOVE the scrubby bars, and as a mild eczema sufferer these really help to get rid of the extra dead skin I’ve always got. Proceed with caution around your naughty bits if you choose peppermint! Anyways, all of the soaps make my skin feel fantastic and hydrated. Thanks for making such fantastic soaps!

It smells wonderful!

I'd never tried this one before but I'm really happy with it. It smells amazing and feels great, too.

I love this soap!

This soap smells and feels incredible.

My skin loves it

Never bugs my annoyingly sensitive skin and the smell is amazing. Can't recommend these soaps more!

One of the best bars of soap I've ever used

Gentle aroma, wonderful lather. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Hand-Dipped Incense
Justin Robinson
Fast & Wonderful!

I ordered the Black Amber & Lavender Handcrafted Soap as well as some Dragon's Blood incense. I was extremely happy with the products, as they smell WONDERFUL! I love every aspect of them! Shipping was fast and it arrived (from across the country) much faster than I had expected. A great small business that does what they say and have awesome products.

Lucid Dreaming Handcrafted Soap
Laura Williams-Burke
So dreamy

I adore this scent. And the soap colors are out of this world. Every soap from Tabula Rasa Farm is a sensory experience: unique, pleasant, multifaceted scents, visually appealing design, and super sudsy for the skin. coco-avocado soap has zero irritants even for my super sensitive skin. The Lucid Dreaming bars are some of my favorites! Complex, deep and an overall wonderful cleansing experience.

My new favorite soap

I really like the smell of these soaps.

Absolutely amazing soap!

This soap feels creamy and decadent and smells wonderful. The glow in the dark aspect is a fun twist. Highly recommend!

Smells like it's name!

This soap smells just like it's name! It's not a floral fragrance. It just smells clean.

Cranberry & Orange Zest Handcrafted Soap
J Pruim

This is my daughters favorite scent out of all the soaps I ordered!

Love them!

I've been meaning to purchase a few new soap bars because we are trying to make some more sustainable switches in our household, one of those being switching to only soap bars instead of plastic soap bottles. When I saw the soap adoption sale, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snag a few, especially since I already know I love the soap as I've bought some before. But it was my first time getting a couple bars with the shea butter base and I decided to use one for my body and one for hand soap, and I think this may be the only hand soap I've ever used that doesn't dry out my hands. I love it. I wash my hands a lot so this is important to me and I'm so glad I decided to try them out!

I love the smell of this soap!

I was really happy with this soap, it didn't leave my skin feeling dry and the fragrance is amazing! Much better than any mass-produced bar soap you'll find at the grocery store and I like that I get to support a small business. And I can't stress enough how good is smells!

Hand-Dipped Incense
Melissa Craig
Always Amazing!

I have been using these soaps exclusively for years and they are the most luxurious soaps I have ever had. They are long lasting and smell heavenly! The incense sticks are also amazing, Library being my all time fave (and I just received the library soap 😍). Buy some! You won't regret it

Cranberry & Orange Zest Handcrafted Soap
Jon H.
Great Soap

A lovely soap that works beautifully, smells wonderful, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized


Smells nice and feels lovely to use. Top marks!

Good cleaner

Smells great, looks nice, real scrubby.