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Mine Mine Mine!

I'm completely in love with this pen! My husband bought it for my birthday (I picked out a few for him to chose from) and was so happy when it arrived! I was worried about replacement ink cartridges (and a spare was sent with it) but then I saw that the main cartridge is refillable and so easy to use. Turned out I have a lovely bottle of dark-green fountain pen in that works perfectly and looks incredible! The writing is so smooth, the pen feels really comfortable and not too heavy in my hand. I love the size of the barrel because I tend to grip thinner pens too tightly when using them but haven't had an issue with this. The pen came packaged in a beautiful box (along with the spare cartridge) which I'm keeping for storage/protection AND a small soap sample which made my package smell gorgeous! I'm at work right now but I think it was patchouli and something else? Doesn't matter, it makes my office smell wonderful! Thank you so much, Abby!

I feel so fancy when I use this. Where's my fancy stationery?

The fit and finish on this pen is really top notch. It's a little top-heavy due to how I hold the pen, but I think that might just be because I'm used to the $0.19 disposable Bic specials. Maybe if I hold the pen more like a lady, it'll sit better in my hand. I've written a few letters with this, because a fancy pen demands fancy penmanship (and maybe scented stationery). My mother and my auntie thank you. They were so surprised to get ACTUAL letters in the mail. There really is something soothing about writing something (anything!) with a fancy, substantial pen. You can feel the stress leave you as the words (and doodles. Lots of doodles. And curlicues. Lots of curlicues, too) flow out onto the paper. Also, blue is by far my favourite colour, and this really is stunning. This won't be the last pen I buy from the TRF (Christmas is coming, and I think these would make IDEAL presents), but it probably will always be my fave.


Just Breathe Handcrafted Soap
Laura McCollum Wallace

Just Breathe Handcrafted Soap

Light peppermint scent

This peppermint bar is a real winner! When you use it, you can smell the peppermint scent. But it's not so over-powering that it lingers with you hours later. Bright and cheerful, perfect for a morning shower. Lathers well!

Gardenia Handcrafted Soap
Wendy Herdman
Absolute Delight!

I'm not usually one for straight floral scents, but--as usual--TRF soaps knocked this one out of the park. Will be back for more of this one!

Too Good to Miss

Repeat order to ensure I have at least a bar or two on hand of this sophisticated, but light fragrance. One of my favorites for my own use, but also one I like to keep on hand for gift giving as its scent nicely straddles the masculine/feminine divide.

Hand-Dipped Incense
Sharon Spivack
Black Amber and Lavender incense—warm but not overpowering

The pandemic has turned my neighbors into big time cigarette-smokers, and they smoke on their patio…which means cigarette smoke fills my apartment. Burning these lovely sticks helps to remove the awful scent and replaced it with something fat more pleasing, without leaving a chemical odor in the air.

Amazing + Life Changing

I energy infused this to aid in my energetic hygiene and spiritual practice. I use it on the bottoms of my feet daily even if I'm using my Subtly Sultry or a different one. Then I use it all over a few times a week or before a ritual or energy work session. It has me the perfect mix of floating and grounded by the time I leave the shower. My friend got another one of these in my order, and her parents kidnapped it lmaoo. So get it! You need it! About to go buy some more lol

It's a Hell Yes for Me

Smells amazing, my skin feels amazing after using it, I energy infused it as well but it definitely helps improve dreaming and when i use it before doing energy work/channeling/etc I do feel like it gives a boost. Working on another order now and sad it's out of stock, so leaving this comment to say i need more lmaooo

Great gift

I bought this as a gift for someone and they loved it! The quality is top notch.

Summer Scent

This soap has a light refreshing fragrance combined with its excellent lathering capabilities to make it the perfect summer soap. Don't miss out on your own monthly subscription!

Great soap and allergy relief!

Just breathe lives up to it's name. I often sleep with a cat's nose on my cheek and sometimes I'm a little stuffy, this soap clears my head wonderfully! Not to mention I just love the smell! I'll be back for more for sure.

Absolutely wonderful!

Super easy to order! My order was received quickly. I’m starting with Beach (?) I love the fragrance and the sandy part is awesome for exfoliating!

I have more to try, but so far I’m extremely happy!

When you want a little grit

This bar works great for psoriasis—gritty enough to exfoliate and leaves your skin SO soft afterwards! The shipping was SUPER fast too—excellent service with an excellent product!


This pen is stunning and it is going to be well-loved for many years to come!

Love it

The colors look a little more understated than I expected, but that’s just because of the poor lighting in my house. It’s beautiful and elegant. I can’t wait to use it all the time.

Magnificent pen

This pen is quite spectacular. It is very easy to fill and writes well on the different papers I tried. Both a refillable cartridge and a travel-ready one were included. The pen is a nice weight, and I like that you can screw the cap on so you don't lose it. This will become my day-to-day pen. You really can't appreciate the gorgeous pen body without seeing it in person. I am very glad that I got it and look forward to doing a lot of writing with it.

Super Pretty Pen!

This pen is pretty, writes well, and is worth every penny. Great craftsmanship!

The Perfect Gift

I bought this for my pen-obsessed daughter to commemorate her return to college. She loves the balance, the smoothness, and the gorgeous color combination. The Tabula Rasa Farm gets an A+!


I ordered soap for a friend's birthday. She's most pleased and appreciated the birthday note that was included in the package. Thank you very much.


The pen is beautiful, fits well in my hand, writes smoothly. The fidget ring is perfect for me!

This pen is straight up *amazing*.

It's a work of art, first of all, so it's aesthetically just gorgeous; the colorway on the resin has great sparkle and the colors meld and flow together so beautifully, and the gunmetal makes the colors really pop. But it's also functional; the ink glide is smooth, the pen has a good heft (not too heavy) with a nice smooth surface that doesn't feel like you're gripping something that's going to pop out of your grip.

This is my current go-to pen for everything! I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for new offerings 🙂

Light sweet scent

Okay, this is kind of weird, but my favorite thing about this soap is that my bathroom has taken on the light, sweet scent of this soap-- not in an overpowering way, but pleasant and mild. I also like how it doesn't dry out my skin. One note is that I first kept it on the shower head hanger, which continues to drip for a couple minutes post-shower, and it would leave an brown/orange-ish streak as the water dripped onto the soap and then the floor, but I just moved the bar away from the drips and problem solved.

Love My Pen!

Where do I start? It’s beautiful! It’s sparkly! It writes smoothly and feels good in my hand! It you want a beautiful pen that is not a mass produced, everyone has one pen, these pens are for you! You also get to help an awesome woman, her family, and her farm! Great karma comes with this pen! Go get one! NOW! 😊