Ybor City Hand-Dipped Incense

Like the smell of a Ybor City Cuban Cigar, subtly sweet, heady, and rich, our Ybor City soap evokes the comforting feeling of soft, gravelly voices, deep chairs you can sink into, high ball glasses, and warm lights on wood-paneled walls. Also available as a soap.


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Justin Robinson
Fast & Wonderful!

I ordered the Black Amber & Lavender Handcrafted Soap as well as some Dragon's Blood incense. I was extremely happy with the products, as they smell WONDERFUL! I love every aspect of them! Shipping was fast and it arrived (from across the country) much faster than I had expected. A great small business that does what they say and have awesome products.

Melissa Craig
Always Amazing!

I have been using these soaps exclusively for years and they are the most luxurious soaps I have ever had. They are long lasting and smell heavenly! The incense sticks are also amazing, Library being my all time fave (and I just received the library soap 😍). Buy some! You won't regret it

Laurie Tayntor
Buy and become entranced with this incense!e!

Can't go wrong with any of these. Even the man requests that we need to reorder more when supplies are low. Heaven...

Sharon Spivack
Black Amber and Lavender incense—warm but not overpowering

The pandemic has turned my neighbors into big time cigarette-smokers, and they smoke on their patio…which means cigarette smoke fills my apartment. Burning these lovely sticks helps to remove the awful scent and replaced it with something fat more pleasing, without leaving a chemical odor in the air.

Diana Ulsh
Best Incense Ever

This warmly scented incense never triggers my allergies! It has a slow low smoke burn with a minimum of ash. I highly recommend you try it for yourself!

Featured Ingredients

Charcoal incense – cones or sticks – are widely considered to be the cleanest burning kind of pre-formed incense. (There’s so many different forms of incense, it’s a rabbit hole.) 

We chose charcoal sticks for their ease of use, and because charcoal produces less smoke, and gives the truest and purest fragrance profile when burned. When you’re using high quality fragrances, you want to use a base that won’t interfere with the experience of your choice of fragrance.

Even on incense, we don’t skimp: we use the same high quality fragrances for our incense as we do in our soaps. So, you get rich, sensual, phthalate-free fragrances in your incense, too.

Ybor City Hand-Dipped Incense

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