Tiger Eye & Gun Metal Premium Badger Shaving Brush


Body: Tiger Eye in Resin
Gun Metal Finish
Style: Shaving Brush
Dimensions (badger hair): Approx. 1-1/2″ diameter x 2″
Length: 5 inches


 This Premium Badger Shaving Brush features genuine high-grade badger hair for a comfortable lather every time and Gun Metal hardware. The Tiger Eye resin handle has comfortable contoured extended grip, perfect for someone that likes a longer handle. The brush was designed to be replaceable so the same handle can be used again with a new brush. Fits standard razor stands. The resin was created by internationally recognized abstract painter Abigail Markov in Tiger Eye Resin specifically for The Tabula Rasa Farm pens, and skillfully turned and assembled by Steve Muller. 

This Premium Badger Shaving Brush is a one of a kind piece of functional art. You will receive the exact brush shown here.  

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