The Happy Skin Subscription

From: $11.00 / month

Treat yourself to one bar of our long-lasting, skin-loving, Cococado Soap in a different, hand-selected fragrance each month at a special early bird price in your mailbox each month. It’s a little upgrade to your self care, and your skin and senses will thank you for it each time you shower. 
Of course, you can cancel at any time, and shipping is already included in the price. 
(Due to shipping costs, this is only available in the US right now. International shipping costs more than the soap.)
Note about the fragrance: It changes month to month. It might be an old favorite, or a brand new limited edition just for the Happy Skin Subscription.

Add Incense?

High quality, hand-dipped in small batches, our incense at an affordable way to enhance your environment. Each batch is dipped by hand, right here on our farm in Central Florida. (No chickens were involved in making the incense, of course, though sometimes they watch through the windows.) 

Beautifully clean burning, our 8 inch charcoal incense is the best our testers have ever tried, and many are daily incense burners. We chose charcoal over wood punk because charcoal burns cleaner, allowing the fragrance to come through more clearly, and with less irritation for those sensitive to the smell of wood incense burning.

Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes, and each handcrafted, gift-ready box contains 25 sticks.

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