The FREE Mystery Ends Sampler

In every batch of soap we cut there’s two little slices leftover, one from each end. They’re just under half a bar thick, so not big enough to sell, but not small enough to throw away. 

We have TRAYS of these ends. We’d been donating them to the Women’s Shelter, and we still will keep doing that. But… we really want to get our soap on more people’s hands (and bodies, oh yeah, baby) so we decided to offer a Mystery Ends Sampler to y’all – for FREE.

(Really. You just cover shipping, which is our standard flat rate that all orders get. You can even add other items and it won’t change shipping.)

What you get: Four half ends. We take each end slice, cut it in half, and then we rubber band four random, different half ends together. It’s the equivalent of half a bar of our soap, and that makes it a pretty good deal if you just want to try some of the best soap you can buy. 


The Catch: You’re limited to one per order.  For right now. So, if someone orders more than once, we have to cancel the repeat orders. We don’t have quite enough samplers to send multiples. Though, the more full sized bars we sell, the more batches we make, the more ends we get, and the more samplers we can make so… just sayin’. Maybe add a full sized bar to your order, too? Just an idea. 

But yes, the soap is free. (We wish shipping was too, but we are supporting the USPS at least!)

*Eeek! We sold out WAY faster than anticipated! As soon as we have ends from full size batches ready to go, we’ll add more here! In the mean time, check out some of our Front Porch Favorites on the front page! 



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