Pink & Violet Resin Cuff


Color: Pink, Pearl, & Violet
Material: Hard Resin
Dimensions: 1.25″ wide, 2.5″ internal diameter, 0.25″ thick, 1.6″ opening.

Layers of pink, pearl, and violet come together in this one of a kind resin art cuff. Created for The Tabula Rasa Farm store by internationally-collected painter Abigail Markov, each cuff is one of a kind, and hand polished.

Comes with satin gift bag.

The opening and inner diameter of resin cuffs can be adjusted with gentle heat and even more gentle pressure. Place the cuff on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, and set your oven as low (170F) as it can go, place the cuff in the oven as it preheats, and then turn the oven off once heated. Wait a few minutes, remove tray from oven and place on a heat safe surface, and then very carefully reshape, applying even pressure and taking are not to burn your hands. In absence of an oven, very carefully apply medium heat from a hair dryer along inside of cuff until the cuff softens enough to reshape. Do not go too hot, or you risk blistering the cuff.

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