Hand-Dipped Incense

$4.00$5.00 available on subscription

High quality, hand-dipped in small batches, our incense at an affordable way to enhance your environment. Each batch is dipped by hand, right here on our farm in Central Florida. (No chickens were involved in making the incense, of course, though sometimes they watch through the windows.) 

Beautifully clean burning, our 8 inch charcoal incense is the best our testers have ever tried, and many are daily incense burners. We chose charcoal over wood punk because charcoal burns cleaner, allowing the fragrance to come through more clearly, and with less irritation for those sensitive to the smell of wood incense burning.

Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes, and each handcrafted, gift-ready box contains 25 sticks.


Customer Reviews

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Best Incense Ever

This warmly scented incense never triggers my allergies! It has a slow low smoke burn with a minimum of ash. I highly recommend you try it for yourself!


I've only had the opportunity to use - and enjoy - the Lavender Dream hand-dipped incense so far, and it's been wonderful! I look forward to using the Oakmoss/Amber incense sometime in the future, as well as the bonus charcoal incense. All were beautifully packaged and speedily delivered. Now I need to find an incense holder worthy of these fragrant sticks for whenever company is permitted in our home. Until vaccines and herd immunity are dominant though, I'll enjoy the calming scent of lavender all to myself, thank you.
These would make a gift that any friend, neighbor, or someone who has gone out of their way for you, would truly appreciate. Handy to have on hand for just that perfect way to say "thanks!".
Everything Abby touches highlights her dedication toward quality and customer satisfaction. xoxo

Thank you

The products were absolutely perfect - the smells divine, everything I could of asked for. Will be buying again. <3

Wonderful as usual

Incense was carefully packed and arrived perfectly intact. I particularly appreciate the two bonus sticks of Dragon Blood that were provided. I'll definitely be purchasing that one the next time around.

Falling back in love with Incense

I've never used charcoal incense sticks, only wood punks in the past. These are great! Especially now that I'm working from home for at least another 4 or 5 months, I love having one of these burning in my office. It's a little pleasure that's well worth it.