Cucumber Garden Handcrafted Soap

Handcrafted Small Batch Soap
Vegan, eco-conscious, and SLS, phthalate, & sulfate free.

Color: Greens.
Fragrance: Cool Cucumber, fresh cut grass, and a hint of dark garden earth after the rain.


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Customer Reviews

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Lori Hutton
These soaps are FABULOUS!

I'm currently using the Cucumber Garden soap right now, and have Lemon Drop waiting in the wings. Previously I've got the Thirst Trap and Andromeda soaps as gifts. They have converted me to a bar soap user once again because they lather up great, leave my skin feeling clean (no residues!) and smell awesome too boot! (Plus Andromeda glows in the dark!). I just wish I went through them faster (they LAST!) so I could order more. :)

Jason Riffle
Spa Birthday Gift Basket

For my partner's birthday, I picked up an assortment of these handcrafted soaps for her as part of a spa themed birthday basket. These soaps are amazing and smell as decadent as their names imply. I have some pretty severe allergies, so buying anything for her that is scented but also doesn't make my head explode is a challenge. Thankfully, the bars we get from Tabula Rasa Farm have never been a problem. We look forward to getting many more in the future. Treat yourself, and grab one or three. \m/

J Pruim
Smells like it's name!

This soap smells just like it's name! It's not a floral fragrance. It just smells clean.

Featured Ingredients

Avocado oil is traditionally used in soap making to increase the skin conditioning properties, and for a creamier lather. Avocado oil also has as a high content of vitamin A, D and E.

Coconut oil is a soapmaking favorite! It contributes an abundance of fluffy lather, even in the hardest of water. 

Palm Oil has a slippery history, but RSPO certified palm oil helps protect the rainforests and farmer’s livelihoods, while also helping your bar last much longer in your shower.

Kaolin clay adds a little slip to your lather so your washcloth glides over your skin, while also helping the fragrance last longer in your bar.

Sodium hydroxide – often called lye – is the magic-maker in cold process soap. It’s what’s responsible for taking all those oils and turning them into soap. We formulate our soap so there’s no lye left in our bars.

Sodum Lactate is considered a humectant, which means it draws water to it, but in soap making, it helps firm up bars so they don’t crack and last longer in your shower. It’s made from fermenting corn and beets, which we think is pretty cool.

Sodium Citrate is one of two ingredients we use to counter hard water. Sodium Citrate helps balance the pH of our bars and softens the water a bit so the lather washes right off – taking the minerals that cause that hard water film on your skin with it.

Sodium Gluconate is one of two ingredients we use to counter hard water. Sodium Gluconate helps bind up some of the minerals that make water hard so the lather washes right off – taking the minerals that cause that hard water film on your skin with it. It does double duty as a gentle natural preservative, too.

Our fragrances are phthalate free and skin safe, always. We often blend our own with essential oils safe for skin. Our fragrance free bar is just that: no fragrance added at all.

We love color, but we understand that you don’t want to step out of the shower looking like a cartoon character. We use skin-safe, cosmetic-grade mica and pigments, activated charcoal. and natural clays in all our soaps. 

Cucumber Garden Handcrafted Soap

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