Copper Seabed & Antique Copper Pen


Pen Body: Copper Seabed Resin
Antique Copper Finish
Pen Style: Twist Ballpoint Pen
Length: 5.25 inches

This Phoenix Ballpoint Pen is handcrafted with a one of a kind Copper Seabed resin pen blank, and Antique Copper hardware. The resin was created by internationally recognized abstract painter Abigail Markov in Copper Seabed Resin specifically for The Tabula Rasa Farm pens, and skillfully turned and assembled by Steve Muller. 

The phoenix is a sacred firebird said to have beautiful feathers of gold and red. Its story has roots in many ancient civilizations- most notably the Egyptian and Greek. After 1,000 years the phoenix builds itself a nest of twigs, which then burns fiercely until they are both, reduced to ashes. From the ashes a young phoenix appears, renewing the life cycle of the bird and making the phoenix virtually immortal and invincible. This pen captures the story in detail, from the flames bursting at the tip, to the rising phoenix; it’s tail rendered in the clip. Amber crystals on the clip and cap add to the majesty of this regal creature. Features a ParkerĀ® style refill. Plus the authentic patina and natural darkening of the Antique Copper brings out the details of the finish and creates a unique feel with a charm all its own. 

This pen is a one of a kind piece of functional art. You will receive the exact pen shown here.  

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