All-Bodies Shave Soap [Discontinued]


If you have a body, and you prefer some part of it without hair, this shave soap is for you.

Traditionally, shaving soap used with a shave brush has been used by men, but there’s no reason that every body shouldn’t have a luxurious, baby-smooth, non-drying shaving experience. (Soap and brushes don’t have a gender, after all.) What smooth-skin aficionado doesn’t prefer their razor to glide over their skin, clean easily, and leave their skin softer than it was before? What inner child doesn’t delight just a little in thick, lofty shaving foam? Satisfy both! Grab your tin with All-Bodies Shave Soap, one of our gorgeous brushes (or your own, if you already have one), and enjoy the experience of caring for the body you have a little more than before – whatever kind of body yours is.  

Made with decadent amounts of avocado and coconut oil, and fragranced with a heavy hand using phthalate-free skin safe fragrances. 

Each reusable tin comes with 2.2 oz / 62 g of our small batch, handcrafted shaving soap, in your choice of fine fragrances. Brush not included.