Fragrance of The Month

From: $3.60$7.20 on the last day of each month

This special subscription as created for the brave and adventurous, to add the element of surprise to their monthly box. (Or to be your monthly box!)

Each month I try to either add one new fragrance to each line or feature an established fragrance that’s not very well known yet. This add-on gives you the opportunity to be the first to get that featured fragrance!

Example: If the new wax tart fragrance is Love Charm that month, you’ll get a set of wax tarts in that fragrance, and if you’re getting Cococado too, and that one is Grapefruit Mint, you’ll get one of those too. You can choose any combination of products to add to your box, and each month will be an Mail Adventure!

Note: There are months where every product line gets the same fragrance, but it’s not guaranteed. For example, Shea-Ra is still behind Cococado on in stock & available fragrances, so the Shea-Ra fragrance of the Month might be one already available in everything else, but new to Shea-Ra, simply because it’s not in Shea-Ra!

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