2018 End of Year Ritual Soap


A blend of this year’s scraps and mishaps, turned into something beautiful & one of a kind. Fragranced with Eucalyptus & Peppermint, plus extra activated charcoal, to help you reflect on, and wash away, 2018.

This soap is meant to be used, and it will pull moisture out of the air if you leave it in a dish in your bathroom to look pretty, and that will leave an ugly brown charcoal puddle. Use this soap. Mourn the rose petals breaking and falling off, like the losses of the past year. Watch the charcoal swirl away in the water, like the hard times, hurts, and injuries, like the tough habits you’ve let go of. Remember that, like this scrap soap, we’re all blends of a thousand million temporary moments, mixed and melded together. Not one of us is exactly the same, but we all have so very much in common. 

Photos show a peek into the process. For captions, click the magnifying glass and make the images full size.

We have made an initial batch of 39 bars. (We ran out of charcoal and fragrance.) If we sell out, and backorders come in, we’ll order more charcoal and fragrance, and make more, until we run out of the soap base. (Which is about another 39 bars.)

PS: These bars have A LOT of charcoal in them. It rinses off, but lather definitely is darker. It’s a bit cathartic, truthfully – it makes it seem like you’re actually washing away the year off of your skin.

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