March Updates: Year Three, THAT’S A WRAP!

Geese Updates

The Geese, aka: The Biker Gang (as they’ve been named by family friends) have been growing and generally causing a ruckus every chance they get. Snowflake is our lone female goose, and she’s dedicatedly sitting on a nest of eggs currently, hissing at everything that comes near her. The Boys – all four of them – show no inclination to defend her the vast majority of the time, much preferring to follow The People around, talking. Of course, dogs and strangers are exceptions – they’ll snip at dogs and strangers, with a particular vehemence reserved exclusively for our FedEx driver if they come too close. Our two dogs learned the hard way to give the geese a wide berth and they’ve maintained an uneasy truce since then.

With me on the other hand, we’re working on learning about personal space and not tripping the person who feeds you. 

It’s a work in progress, and I can’t really say I mind. 

Soap Updates

March marks the end of our 3rd year of the Soap of the Month boxes!! It’s a little incredible, isn’t it? We’re still pretty tiny, but some of y’all have been with us since the very first month, and we all appreciate your support and encouragement over the last three years more than words can say. We’re also super excited to pretty regularly welcome a couple of new people each month, too! (Note to self: Write that welcome email to send to new subscribers soon.)

We’ve been slowly growing over the last year, and it gives us hope each time we see one of y’all share our soaps with your friends and family. 

We have Pixie Dust from February still available and Andromeda from March just hit the shop too! There’s still the End of the Year Soap available (can we say teacher gifts?) – and if you have a bunch of teachers to give gifts to, we can make you a batch all of your own too. Next month is Clean Linen – and it’s shaping up to be a beauty of a bar. White with blue and green swirls – you can see a photo of the swirled top over there. If you want first dibs on a bar of that, definitely sign up for the Soap of the Month box, if you haven’t already. Oh, and uh, Beach House is back, too.

Library and Frankincense & Myrrh should be back in stock shortly, as well. Same for Big Shea Scrubby in Dragon’s Blood. 

Farm Updates

Austin turned 18 and is about to graduate high school in a few months, if all goes well. He’s, like most kids his age (including his sibling, and like I hear from my kids’ friends) worried about the state of the world most days. Some days, the anxiety is hard to help them through. I don’t have good answers, but I remind them that we’ve made it this far, and that there are good people who believe in us out there – and most importantly, we’re not giving up. We’re still looking for ways to make it work until the farm business (which is mostly soap now) grows enough to replace (income wise, at least) what we lost when Steve died. February was the first month we got close enough to celebrate with hope – and we have y’all to thank for that. 

But just in case the world ends and supply chains go farther south in a handbasket, Austin planted potatoes in my empty soap oil buckets this past week. Because you know, potatoes

That said, we’re still holding out hope that we’re gonna be okay, and we’re going to be okay because you believed in us. So thank you for believing in us, for supporting us, and for sharing us with your friends. Oh, and for over 200 five star reviews. Wow. 

Thank you. 

From all of us on The Tabula Rasa Farm, thank you.

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