Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about The Tabula Rasa Farm & ordering.

What are your shipping policies?

We ship USPS, worldwide, and most rates are calculated by weight. (Flat rate is the exception there, it’s based on the number of items in your cart.)

We do our very best to ship soaps the next business day so you can enjoy your soap sooner.¬†You should get an email confirmation when your soaps ship. Custom printed items take longer; it’s usually about a week and a half before they ship from the company that handles our printing.

Why are so many soaps out of stock?

Partly because we sell out REALLY fast! Soap also takes 8 weeks to make (no joke!) so restocking takes some time! We try to stay ahead of the curve, but it doesn’t always work out that way!

Do you ship eggs?

No, eggs are local pick up only. (Same for baby chicks, just in case you were curious.) If you happen to be local and want eggs, give us a shout and we’ll save some for you! Standard pricing is $3.00 per dozen, or 2 dozen for $5 if you’re paying with cash. (Yes, we can take credit cards!)

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns on soap. Soap is one of those things that is kinda-really icky after it’s been opened up and tried out. If your mail delivery person tends to mangle your packages, we *highly* recommend going with Priority Mail for the insurance coverage. (We do our best to package your orders to survive the mailpocalypse, but sometimes we’d swear they were playing dodge ball with the mail for fun some days.)

If you order a custom printed item and receive the wrong item, contact us and we’ll contact the printer to start the process to make it right. (We are limited to their return rules; however, they are usually pretty good eggs about it.)

Where are you located?

3021 Center Hill Rd
Bowling Green, FL 33834

No, really. Bowling Green, Florida. It’s a tiny town in the heartland of Florida, surrounded by orange groves, huge Southern Live Oaks, and periodically filled with people voluntarily displaced from Ohio and New Jersey. (Plus Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, when you’re lucky enough to meet them. Ohio and NJ are hard to miss.) Many of the locals have been here for generations, and their local pride runs deep, for good reason. Kindness, consideration, and community are essential elements of local culture. Truly Southern, you’re likely to be invited to sit on a new acquaintance’s front porch when you first meet them, if you’ve brought your manners with you.

Do you offer wholesale accounts for soap?

Yes, for qualified retailers, we do! We will need proof that you’re an established, registered business to set up your account. For details on the process, minimum orders, and other wholesale inquiries, just email: contact (at)



Do you offer Guest Bars in bulk for Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels?

Yes, for confirmed B&Bs and Hotels, we do! For details on the process to set up your account, options and selections, minimum orders, and other wholesale inquiries, just email: contact (at)




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